Company introduction

  Qingzhou orson agricultural equipment co., LTD,Is located in one of the ancient kyushu a long history——Qingzhou,Is a collection of production、The business、And services for the integration of enterprises,Many years of manufacturing experience。In the years of development,Our company regards quality is fundamental for the enterprise,Concentrate on business,Committed to the brand strategy。

  Qingzhou orson agricultural equipment co., LTD. Has been the focus to the study of plant protection machinery、Development、Good productivity,Has a strong plant protection machinery design and development capabilities。

  Company's existing plant protection machinery more than 10 kinds,Products used in wheat、Rice、Insects pests and cotton crops such as corn on the prevention and control,Able to exert the advantages of plant protection machinery。The products of the company in jilin、Jiangsu、Anhui province、Shandong province and other provinces and regions,Products are very popular with users。

  The company on the basis of product progress,Vigorously promotes the quality management,The lift service level,To realize the benign development of the company。

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